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Three Reasons Why Gluten Free Is A Chance, Not A Burden

Let’s be honest, when I quit eating gluten years ago, I did feel that my options were shrinking: no more crusty breads or moist and fluffy cakes ever again? When it comes to food, I've been always been curious and rather adventurous, tasting the most exotic dishes when I travel. Well, French do eat snails and frog after all (gluten free yey!)  Fast forward to today and it makes me sad when someone says gluten free is a restricting and boring diet. Because now I know that it’s actually one of the most delicious, diverse and nutritious cuisines. 

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Mindful Baking is Happiness

I believe baking is about mindfulness, tuning to all your senses and slowing down your pace to take time to really appreciate the ‘taste’ of the moment.  While life often seems to be a never-ending list of things to tick off, baking encourages you to be immersed in the pleasure of the experience, and for a moment forget the emails to answer to, the lunch to pack and the empty fridge to stock.

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