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Mindful Baking is Happiness

 By Vanessa
Mindful baking is happiness

Watch your loaf rising in the oven as your kitchen fills with the smell of baking bread; hear it crackle as it cools on the side; take your first bite and enjoy the crisp crust and fluffy crumb

I believe baking is about mindfulness, tuning to all your senses and slowing down your pace to take time to really appreciate the ‘taste’ of the moment. 

While life often seems to be a never-ending list of things to tick off, baking encourages you to be immersed in the pleasure of the experience, and for a moment forget the emails to answer to, the lunch to pack and the empty fridge to stock.

Mixing gently the dough, shaping it, seeing it rise in the oven and enjoying the delicious smell filling up your house help you unwind, be present and feel good with what you’re creating – an experience called ‘flow’.

When you bake gluten free, it can be challenging at times. There are new ingredients to get to know and new baking rules to follow, so different from the ones you’ve learnt over the years. While you struggle to figure out how to do it right and look anxiously at your oven wondering what will come out of it, the whole pleasure of seeing your hands transform simple ingredients into tasty bakes is taken away. 

My mission is to bring mindfulness and simplicity into gluten free baking, because I believe baking should always be joyful, fun and rewarding, an act of love towards others and ourselves. 

When you don’t have to worry about what ingredients to use and how to combine them the right way, you can just relax and feel good creating delicious bread and pastries.

There’s an empowering and peaceful feeling knowing a crusty fluffy bread will soon emerge from the oven. Share it and it will make you happier and healthier, because giving connects you to others, and that contributes to your overall sense of well being too.


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