Our Pouches Are 100% Recyclable

Flow Bake 100% recyclable pouches
We not only want to help you bake delicious and better-for-you treats, we want to make a contribution to our environment. That's why our pouches are now 100% recyclable.

There is much to do on the way to be a more sustainable brand, and while we are not perfect yet, we are doing our best to reduce our environmental impact. ⁣

Finding the right eco-friendly packaging for our baking mixes, one that protects our products while preserving the planet, was not easy. Over the past months we evaluated many options, talked to packaging and recycling experts and based on the information available to us, made the best possible choice. ⁣

You can help us make a difference and dispose of your empty pouch in the cardboard recycling bin! (Note: in France our pouches can be disposed of in the paper recycling bin)

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