How To Coat Your Bread with Seeds

 By Vanessa

How to coat your bread with seeds - Gluten free baking
Topping your bread dough with seeds is a simple way to add extra crunch and flavor, plus sneak in extra nutrition. I'm the kind of person who enjoy seeds more as a topping than straight inside the dough. Not only are toasted seeds truly delicious, they also look beautiful in contract with the brown crust. 

Along with poppy seeds, sesame seeds are my favorite for their delicious nutty flavor when toasted - plus they are rich in protein and unsaturated fat. But you can play endlessly with combinations of seeds as a topping: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, caraway, or even fennel. Experiment and have fun!

Now the challenge is to get them to coat evenly the top of your dough. Forget sprinkling and egg wash! This is my way for a well-coated loaf.


✢ First shape your dough with wet hands, so the surface is moist ⁣
✢ Place a damp kitchen towel on your worktop and spread seeds on it. ⁣
✢ Place the dough upside down on the towel, then lift gently the sides of the towel. ⁣Rock it gently back and forth to pick up a thin layer of seeds on the sides of the loaf (not on the bottom). 
✢ If you use a banneton basket for proofing, place the towel with the dough straight inside. Otherwise simply turn gently your bread dough upside down on top of parchment paper. You can leave the damp towel on top for proofing. ⁣
Et voilà!

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