Sun-Dried Tomato And Basil Rolls


 By Vanessa 

Sun-dried tomato and basil rolls - Gluten free, vegan

Prepare these flavorful rolls filled with sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil in a breeze thanks to our Bread mix! You can enjoy them simply on their own or top them with a French tapenade or eggplant caviar. Yummy!

Sun-dried tomato and basil rolls - Gluten free, vegan




Prep time: 5 min
Cook time: 20 min 


✢ 1 Flow Bake Bread mix
✢ 340ml water
✢ 10g fresh yeast or 4g dry active yeast
✢ 1 tbsp olive oil 
✢ 80g chopped sun-dried tomatoes
✢ 1 cup chopped fresh basil leaves

  1. Prepare the bread dough: Follow the instruction on the back of the package to prepare the bread dough, using yeast, water and olive oil. 
  2. Stir in chopped sun-dried tomatoes and basil.
  3. Split the dough in six pieces, form balls and place on a baking sheet.
  4. Cover and let rise for 45 minutes.
  5. Preheat oven to 210 degrees. Slash a cross on top of each bun and place to the oven to bake for about 35-40 minutes. Leave to cool before eating.
Tip: For a better rise and a crisp crust, place a metal pan at the bottom of the oven while preheating. When you put your loaves in, pour a cup of hot water into the pan to create steam and then promptly close the oven door. 

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