The Story

 Vanessa Leskinen - Flow Bake founder


I'm Vanessa, Chief mixer at Flow Bake, the baking mix company for easy and healthy home baking! 

It all started with a recipe blog, when I went gluten-free years ago. Being French I’ve always loved good food, so I wanted to show other gluten-free eaters that they could still enjoy baking bread and pastries, that were not only delicious, but full of goodness too!

I didn't like the gluten-free bakery products in the shops - all stuffed with unhealthy ingredients like white flour, sugars and additives. PLUS, they tasted like cardboard! So I decided to put my apron on and work out how to bake gluten-free myself.

I spent hours experimenting, and many a brick-like loaf, dry sponge and crumbly pie later, I figured out how to create light, fluffy & delicious gluten-free bakes that I could be proud to bring to the table. 

When you can't rely on wheat, you realize the wonderful diversity of naturally gluten free grains, and a whole new world of ingredients and flavors opens up to you - brown rice, quinoa, chickpea, buckwheat, coconut flour and many more!

There is no secret, better and real ingredients mean better results, bread that tastes bread, and bakes that make you feel great.

I realized there are other people out there who want healthy baking that tastes yummy, but don't know how to do it or have the time to figure it out. 

That's how Flow Bake baking mixes were born, to give you the convenience to whip up effortlessly wholesome and delicious bread and pastries. 

And they are not meant just for people with intolerances, but for everyone mindful about what they eat, who want to make better choices and enjoy delicious bakes that can be shared with everyone around the table, no matter the diet.

Happy baking!